Your thoughts. Are they worth pursuing?

Do you know how powerful your thoughts can be? Is your negative self-talk and indecisiveness holding you back from what you really want? Are you a person who will have a great idea, only to throw it away because you lack faith it will work?  If you recognise these traits in yourself let me coach you in how to turn the negativity around. Don’t even think about not emailing me for more information.


Calling Mommypreneurs – Act Now!

“Stop talking about it…..get on with it.  Because if you don’t, in a year’s time you will see someone else doing it.” – Dominic McVey – millionaire at 15

Do you have an idea? My mission is to empower you to realise your true potential and release you entrepreneurial desires.

“Being a mother is probably the most important job on earth.” – Tony Robbins

But despite the empowering job you do you never give yourself the credit you deserve and when it comes to fulfilling your dreams of having your own business and financial independence your limiting self belief holds you back.

I am passionate and determined to show you how you can “Unleash Your True Potential.” By attending one of my workshops or coffee mornings you will:

Meet other like minded people

Gain greater self-confidence

Build your positive belief system

Develop the right business idea

Sandra E. Naden-Horley B A Hons. Dip Hyp CS. MHS

Professional Therapeutic Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

Founder: Hypnotherapy4Health4Happiness